My Story

I have been a management consultant for more than 25 years. My area of expertise is the development and execution of growth strategies. In the course of my work, I have analyzed many industries, markets, and companies, and I have developed forecasts and valuation models to support both acquisitions and corporate, business unit, and product line strategies. I have also managed capital investment, corporate development, and R&D budgets of $1B-$5B for Fortune 100® clients in several industries.

While working as a consultant, I also served as a part-time, adjunct professor for 20 years. I taught MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education courses in strategy, valuation, portfolio management, and value investing.

The frameworks, tools, and methods that I created helped my clients succeed. An engineer by training, I developed these things by blending existing best practice with concepts from fields such as quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and evolutionary biology. Over the years, I adapted some of them to support my investments in equities. They have worked well. By their nature, they support a value investing approach.

Currently, all of these things are spread across disparate types of software and exist in different formats. Thus, their application falls under the title of “art” rather than “science” because I have never found the time to codify and standardize an investment management process, fill in the missing pieces, or turn manual analyses into repeatable, data-driven algorithms.

The launching of Innovestment is my commitment to completing my quest to develop a set of institutional-quality frameworks, tools, and algorithms that improve value investing practice and value investing returns. I chose the word “quest” (which the Oxford Dictionary of English defines as “a long or arduous search for something”) because I know it will be neither quick nor easy to improve upon current practice, but I certainly believe that it is possible.

I am hopeful that you will benefit from this work, and, perhaps, join me or support me in my quest.